= No, Thanks! (Photo-therapy)=

Nowadays we became open for various kinds of differences - physical, perception, sexual, religious, gender. An I dared to say: I do not like sex.
It is expected to keep silent and directed to the inverse environment prompts to feel defective. The teenage years past, the period of the cult of sexuality goes away in search of the answer: “what did all of them found in THIS?" short doubts "with other will be better" very quickly lead to a dark abyss of doubt "something is wrong with me". Fortunately, life goes on and my woman's nature, my maternal essence has twice been successfully realized, but the hole of hesitation is not shortened.
So many nights were spent in making choice: to refuse yourself or your partner-husband-lover. And so often it is washed away with water and tears impossibility to give this bizarre glow of pleasure. The pleasure that comes from the outside, from what you saw and formed by society, the ideal of which you must achieve, feel. Because inside it is empty.
Now probably I should go to a psychologist, psychoanalyst, sexologist.
But a camera dropped to my hands and start looking for answers using it.


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